I have two pictures in mind .... one is of a Harvest meadow, the other is of beautiful stretches of blue bell flowers.
Both pictures mean something to me... they speak to me of being in the Lords will ready for the harvest of souls, & also of being in a place of rest.

The harvest is ripe and ready, and the wind of the Holy Spirit will instigate the gathering of the seed. We need to be positioned where He wants us to be, resting, not striving in Him, and ready to reap what the Lord Himself is gathering.


Just like the fishermen disciples with the catch of fish, they needed the Lords instruction of where to position their nets... then without striving and from that place of rest, obedience and trust - they caught more than they could ever have imagined!

We need to listen to the Lords positioning... to rest in Him, to remain in Him, and await His instruction... then to do our own small part to bring the catch in according to our own unique gifting and calling which will be different for each one of us.

"Understand your gift, understand your call;
resting in the Lord, to await His harvest fall.
Train your ear to hear position from the Lord,
keep in step with Him and be of one accord.
Obedience will reap the harvest that you seek,
Listen for the Lord, cease striving, hear Him speak.
Don't try to run ahead or try to guess His pace,
From your seat of resting follow your unique shaped race.
Remember that He calls us sons and daughters high,
From that seat of family our hearts He won't deny.
The harvest is His own, the catch enflames His heart,
the reaping of His cherished ones, from rest .... re-learn this art."