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Our visit to Plain Church Celtic Community and their outreach ministry called God Unlimited was anything but plain. Neighbouring Stonehenge, a prehistoric monument in Wiltshire, England, consists of a ring of standing stones, with each standing stone around 13ft high, 6ft 11 in wide and weighing around 25 tons. It is visited by 1.5 million people every year and is used for Pagan worship, Druid worship and other rituals during the Summer Solstice and other festivals. There is even a Shaman at the Visitor Centre who leads tourists through one of the Pagan rituals.

Bringing Kingdom influence and authority over the area of Stonehenge

Plain Church Celtic Community headed up by Celia and Ruth, two of our MFM (MorningStar Fellowship of Ministries) members have taken up the mantle to pray, prophesy and undertake prophetic acts at the site believing that this dark place needs The Light to shine and overcome it.

Rod and I took interns Alex & Margaret to visit this powerful prophetic community. We had a wonderful time exploring the countryside, which included a walk next to army tanks practising their manoeuvres and a jeep safari touring the Salisbury Plain.

Alex and Michelle went on a hack, riding two of the horses from God Unlimited therapy centre, whilst Margaret had an indoor riding lesson and Rod went on a search for badger sets with one of the senior management team. The ministry with horses of God Unlimited began as a way of helping one young man with Tourette Syndrome to not only grow in confidence but to be able to complete a college course; something that was previously thought unachievable.

Influencing the medical mountain

The centre now helps bring healing to 150 children and adults with various problems including autism and extreme anxiety. Everyone is prayed for, though some are simply but powerfully interceded for without their knowledge. The word is spreading and social services and the medical profession are taking note and asking questions about the way God Unlimited works. Celia is being invited to influence the medical mountain at governmental level.

The ministry also has a community house where up to five single people can come to stay for a few weeks or up to two years to receive one to one prayer, counselling and much needed love and support. Some who arrive are ex servicemen with PTSD and literally have had nowhere else to go, so the home and the team are offering hope to the hopeless.

Rod, Alex, Margaret and I had the privilege of hearing personal stories, sharing the Father’s heart and giving prophetic ministry.

PCCC meet every morning to pray together and we enjoyed joining in these times.

We led an evening of prophetic teaching and activations and had great fun as individuals prophesied over each other, sometimes blindfolded or writing for an ‘unknown’ person in the room. Much laughter but great delight as the accuracy of words of knowledge about character, gifting and calling flowed.

On our second evening we were joined by MFM members Andy and Patti Moys who lead a group near Bath, less than one hour from Plain Church and other local Christians from different churches or groups. We led a Prophetic Roundtable, which enabled both MFM led groups to discover more of what Holy Spirit is leading each group to do and how they can support and encourage each other.

New revelation and a re-energising of the Wiltshire team

Since our visit we have heard from Celia that the team at Plain Church and God Unlimited have more revelation on their mandates and now plan to have quarterly Round Tables and gatherings.

She said, “It was marvellous to share things of God with you and it was even more marvellous to have our first ever “prophetic roundtable. Everyone was challenged and encouraged by all of the personal words and I found the strategic part really helpful. It was good to rehearse the story thus far, about being called out etc and to hear the words about the stones remaining important.”

We were really blessed by their hospitality and it was so good to get to know the team personally. We were encouraged and inspired by how their church and ministry has grown. We look forward to hearing more of how their journey develops.

Looking for Strategic Prophetic Input?

MorningStar Europe offers strategic prophetic input through national and regional prophetic roundtables, gatherings and conferences as well as prophetic skype calls and prayer cover for our MFM members. If you feel that your group or ministry would benefit from being a part of this or you are interested in becoming one of our Regional Hubs in Europe, please do contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


MIchelle SmithMichelle Smith and her husband Rod are Assistant Directors MFM Europe. They have a heart for training, healing and 'engaging with heaven'. They work internationally building relationally with many ministries. Founders of 'Healing Streams' a charity with a focus on UK and Kenya.